GMVL Vol 11 - Roger Klause

GMVL Vol 11 - Roger Klause

"""I'm happy to share MY BEST professional routines with my friends in magic."" - Roger Klause

Long acknowledged as a leader of the close-up underground, Roger performs outstanding ""pure magic"" for the sleight-of-hand aficionado. His patience and devout studies have not only earned him the respected title of teacher but paved his way to instruct and influence some of today's most successsful magicians. Roger takes a great amount of time showing you the different techniques and explaining the important psyhologies behind these effects. By sharing these sought-after lessons and secrets, you too will be a better magician. And as you master the art, you'll join the ranks of close-up artists worldwide who appreciate Roger's innnovation and unselfishness.

Million-Dollar Lesson from an Unbeatable Teacher

* Klause Bill Switch
* Goose and Gander
* Purse Frame
* Vernon's Chinese Classic

(Volume 12 contains Sleeve Sponge, Coins for Connoisseurs, Klause/ Victor Ten Card Trick and Oh No!)

Running Time Approximately 55min"

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GMVL Vol 11 - Roger Klause