GMVL Vol 15 - Johnny Paul #2

GMVL Vol 15 - Johnny Paul #2

This video is worth $100. just to see Johnny's Cups & Balls routine. No One does cups and balls like Johnny Paul -Del-Ray

Think of the best magic and this man comes to mind. Groomed in Chicago as America’s first bar magician – Johnny quickly rose to the top of his field. His years performing at the Showboat Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. have proved to all that the power of magic is under his command.

Personal Prestidigitation from Jonny shared on this video are:

Torn & Restored Card
Card Stab
Spirit Trick
Cups & Balls
You'll be inspired by this generous man whose magic and entertainment work in concert!

Johnny Paul is a man who has known the secret of magic for some time – it’s entertainment. And for him, mixing amusement with magic comes naturally. Mastering magic looks easy for Johnny, from performing to teaching. But careful study and an innovative mind have catapulted him to the top.

"I hope you enjoy these fine effects as much as I've enjoyed doing them during my life" -Johnny Paul

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GMVL Vol 15 - Johnny Paul #2