GMVL Vol 16 - Larry Becker

GMVL Vol 16 - Larry Becker

“If this disc can help prove that mentalism can be fast and entertaining, as well as baffling. I’ll consider the effor well worth it.” – Larry Becker

Imagine colorful mentalism that moves at a steady pace-and you’ve met the style of Larry Becker. Forget about detailed sleights…Larry concentrates on simple yet mind-staggering effects that any magician can work into his act. Larry has carefully crafted a new genre in ESP…Mental Magic. We predict you’ll like it.

Psychic Surprises included:

Russian Roulette
Making Time
PK 2000
Date-ecation Spirited Trickery
The Mark
Psy quick
Grin and Bear It – Performance Only
Some effects never before released

Running Time Approximately 1hr 2min

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GMVL Vol 16 - Larry Becker