GMVL Vol 33 - Paul Daniels

GMVL Vol 33 - Paul Daniels

I've seen Paul Daniels captivate an audience just by reading birthday wishes on stage. That's because the audience cares about Paul Daniels." -David Copperfield

Anyone can do a trick. But Paul Daniels entertains.

No one matches his versatility and repertoire. He's known throughout the world for his quick wit and showmanship. In this dvd, Paul doesn't teach you sleights, lifts, drops or passes. But by example, he'll show you the real secrets: timing, humor, and entertainment. Learn how he delights audiences with these important elements and why his TV show in England, The Paul Daniels' Magic Show, enjoys top ratings week after week. An ideal entertainment dvd for friends and family.

This is a performance-only video.

Cut and Restored $50 bill
Cut, Pulverized, Burned and Restored American Express Card
Daniels' Version of Three Card Monte
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (The Rattling Pill Box)
Lightning Fast "Magic Square"
The Rabbit in the Hat
The Chinese Block and Ribbon Mystery
Sidewalk Shuffle
The Daniels' Classic Bill in Nut

Running Time Approximately 53min

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GMVL Vol 33 - Paul Daniels