GMVL Vol 34 - Impromptu #2

GMVL Vol 34 - Impromptu #2

Back by popular demand. The first volume was met with accolades, so we're bringing you 11 more effect never before released on video. Ideal for any skill level.

Now the request "show me a trick," won't strike fear into your heart. After learning these tricks, you'll perform miracles wherever you go.

Impromptu Insurance

Mike Weber - Changing Time
Larry Becker - Mind Probe
Mike Ammar - Matches
Roger Klause - Ring In Mouth
Daryl - Coin Thru Glass
John Carney - Coin From Bill
Karrell Fox - Flying Cards
Shimada - The Ring
Eugene Burger - Flying Money
Jay Marshall - Torn & Restored Card
Johnny Paul - Mind Reading and Stealing A Watch.

Running Time Approximately 47min

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GMVL Vol 34 - Impromptu #2