GMVL Vol 60 - Vanni Bossi

GMVL Vol 60 - Vanni Bossi

The Magic of Vanni Bossi

It there were a list of creative artists in our world of magic, Vanni Bossi would be on that list, and probably up towards the top!

Another famous magician from the country of Italy! A thinker. A creator. A performer. This Italian is truly an artist as you will see on the DVD.

You will enjoy the effects that he performs and teaches and notice that he uses just common objects and makes a miracle out of them. Stand up, and close up effects are his specialty and those who have attended his performances and lectures know full well how versatile he is.

On this DVD you will enjoy and learn the following:

Invisible Coin and Vanishes
Coins Across/Through table
Mysterious Photo Frame
Cigarette Matrix
Any Coin in Bottle
Fertile Coins
Coin Clip
It's So Simple
Hofzinzer's Last Problem.

Running Time Approximately 60min

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GMVL Vol 60 - Vanni Bossi